Fashion & Designing

A successful practitioner in the field of Fashion Design will always comprehend the complexities of the system of the contemporary fashion industry. The fast-changing nature of fashion in all its forms has to be examined in the wider context of the creative industries and the way they integrate, as well as the outside influences which affect the discipline.

The programme in Fashion Design at the Arch Academy of Design intends critical engagement with the subject of ‘Fashion’ in all its forms, which includes retail, press, advertising, public relations, branding, film, music, broadcasting and lifestyle as well as the role that personnel such as photographers, stylists, models, consultants, editors, art directors and others play in the industry. codemart-img

In addition to the development of skills to aid practical implementation of ideas, the programme is intended to explore the effects of culture, sub-culture and lifestyle trends on the social, aesthetic and cultural aspects of fashion as well as contribute to the development of an historical understanding of fashion and its processes.

Creating a responsible awareness and assessment of the socio-cultural and ecological influences on fashion is an essential in the rediscovery and sustenance of an Indian aesthetic signature. This not only helps place India in the larger context of world fashion, but also contributes to the addition of unique value to the Indian fashion industry.